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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] cmuvhell 1993-03-02 11:54 440 The top ten differences between carnegie mellon university and hell [TXT] 1992-10-07 14:12 789 ARPAnet stories [TXT] deadbaby 1993-07-07 03:58 934 The Canonical List of Dead Baby Jokes [TXT] asfunnas 1993-07-07 03:58 1.2K Canonical list of 'As funny as ...' [TXT] core_dum.blu 1993-06-05 12:53 1.3K The coredump blues [TXT] variabl 1992-09-23 20:23 1.3K The Canonical List of Variables [TXT] cmucoke.2 1993-02-25 17:02 1.3K The fingerable coke machine at cmu revisited (it's back!) [TXT] 1992-10-07 14:13 1.4K ARPAnet stories [TXT] buzzword.txt 1994-03-15 19:45 1.4K List of data processing buzzwords [TXT] busman 1993-02-09 22:22 1.4K man bus [TXT] critdect 1993-04-27 22:36 1.6K The story of the critical need detecting machine [TXT] comphate 1992-10-03 12:03 1.7K For computer haters [TXT] cmucoke.1 1993-02-25 17:01 1.8K The fingerable coke machine at cmu revisited (it's back!) [TXT] rgb_conv 1995-03-03 19:50 1.8K Eerste veroordeling onder nieuwe nederlandse computercriminaliteitswetten [TXT] clueless.lst 1992-12-29 10:34 1.8K Welcome to the mailing list for absolutely clueless mailing list users [TXT] 1993-03-17 20:43 1.8K Court reports from the trial of Steve Jackson Games vs. The Secret Service [TXT] cooking.def 1991-06-27 13:24 1.9K Cooking definitions [TXT] administration 1992-12-19 23:13 2.0K The slowest reacting element : Administration [TXT] compshot 1992-09-30 19:23 2.1K Convicted of shooting a computer...! [TXT] 18bottls 1991-06-27 13:23 2.2K 18.bottles.down / Drunk story [TXT] commands.c10 1991-06-27 13:23 2.2K Funny responses on Unix commands [TXT] beer-cum.txt 1993-02-16 13:09 2.2K Why beer is better than cumcumber (and the other way around) [TXT] creation.c 1993-01-12 23:10 2.2K The creation in C [TXT] 1992-10-07 14:11 2.3K AI koans [TXT] carnames.txt 1993-02-16 13:09 2.5K Alternative car names [TXT] clint100 1993-03-02 11:52 2.5K Clinton: the first 100 days in office [TXT] cookstud.txt 1993-02-16 13:09 2.5K how to cook a Berkeley student [TXT] cmpsecrt 1993-03-02 13:28 2.6K The secrets of computers [TXT] badpick 1993-03-02 11:51 2.7K Bad pickup lines [TXT] blood 1993-03-02 11:52 2.8K 10 reasons to give blood [TXT] acadrhap 1993-09-26 13:17 2.9K Academian Rhapsody (like the bohemian one) [TXT] beer.txt 1991-10-28 16:14 2.9K 52 reasons why beer is beter then women [TXT] chinmenu 1993-02-24 16:43 3.0K Fuk Yoe and other spicy oriental foods [TXT] april1st 1993-04-04 14:42 3.0K What to expect from April 1st usenet postings [TXT] compudic 1993-03-02 13:29 3.0K Dictionary of computer terms [TXT] creation.jcl 1992-08-21 07:53 3.1K The creation of the earth in JCL [TXT] 27cmnds.bbs 1992-03-27 10:27 3.2K The 27 commandments of BBS callers [TXT] BEDROOM.TXT 1993-02-23 16:34 3.4K Rules to Bedroom Golf [TXT] chemwomn 1993-03-02 11:52 3.5K Breakdown of females in chemical element format [TXT] c-bible.txt 1993-02-16 13:09 3.6K The bible history of the C language [TXT] commands 1993-07-17 12:36 3.6K Funny responses on Unix commands [TXT] chickcrs 1993-03-02 13:28 3.6K Why did the chicken cross the road? [TXT] cookiemonster.txt 1993-06-07 11:32 3.7K The history of the cookie monster 'virus' [TXT] aabust.txt 1992-02-29 21:53 3.7K (Incorrect) bust of the Amateur Action BBS [TXT] tchtphsn 1993-07-05 10:22 3.8K The Canonical list of Touch Tone Phone Songs [TXT] caracron 1993-03-02 11:52 4.0K Stupid car acronyms [TXT] bugsmas 1992-12-17 13:18 4.2K The 12 bugs of christmas [TXT] 7hz 1992-11-16 20:12 4.3K nosound() entry from Turbo C online help : Urban legend about chickens...? [TXT] belldied 1992-10-07 15:28 4.5K Song : The day Bell system died [TXT] creative 1993-03-02 13:29 4.6K The creativity test [TXT] rne_bust 1993-02-06 18:49 4.6K Rusty & Eddie's BBS busted for spreading copyrighted software> [TXT] complust 1993-03-02 13:28 4.9K Computer lust [TXT] comptype.s 1993-02-21 15:33 4.9K What types of computer users are there... [TXT] 101nos.txt 1992-02-05 22:28 5.0K 101 excuses for saying 'no'... [TXT] kpn 1994-04-08 20:23 5.2K KPN krijgt concurrentie [TXT] makelike 1993-09-10 22:26 5.2K The canonical list of "Why don't you make like a .. and .." [TXT] mailuitl 1992-06-28 18:59 5.4K Wat is echomail / netmail (Heel interresante informatie voor nieuwe gebruikers) [TXT] stvjcks.1 1993-01-31 13:21 5.5K Court reports from the trial of Steve Jackson Games vs. The Secret Service [TXT] cartoon 1993-03-02 11:52 5.5K The laws governing cartoon characters [TXT] cmucoke.his 1993-02-21 15:31 5.6K The fingerable coke machine at cmu revisited (it's back!) [TXT] xbetter 1993-03-02 13:35 5.9K The Canonical lists of Why x is better than y... [TXT] badkitty 1993-09-26 12:43 6.0K Bad kitty lines [TXT] mommy 1993-07-04 12:27 6.1K The Canonical list of Mommy! Mommy! Jokes [TXT] stvjcks.2 1993-02-01 20:31 6.1K Court reports from the trial of Steve Jackson Games vs. The Secret Service [TXT] neverdie.txt 1993-02-22 15:57 6.2K The Canonical list of Old * never die [TXT] compbowl.que 1993-06-06 12:07 6.2K The Computer Bowl Quiz about computers Q&A> [TXT] bbsdiscl 1993-04-04 13:55 6.2K Example BBS user disclaimer [TXT] genesis 1992-10-07 15:29 6.4K The Creation according to Computer Science [TXT] alphatal 1993-02-09 22:24 6.7K The story of the DEC Alpha chip (put in rhyme) [TXT] stvjcks.3 1993-02-01 20:34 6.9K Court reports from the trial of Steve Jackson Games vs. The Secret Service [TXT] compbowl.ans 1993-06-11 09:05 7.1K The Computer Bowl Quiz about computers Q&A>> [TXT] startrk2 1993-03-02 12:00 7.1K [TXT] blnddate 1993-03-02 11:51 7.5K 50 some odd ways to get rid of a blind date [TXT] bugs-preventing 1991-06-27 13:23 7.8K Story about BUGS, and preventing them ... [TXT] 12daylet 1993-03-02 11:51 7.8K 12 xmas "love" letters... [TXT] autobio 1993-03-02 11:51 8.2K Autobiography in one sentence [TXT] swearing 1993-09-11 13:55 8.4K The canonical list of international swearing [TXT] lstoflst.txt 1993-02-22 15:57 8.8K The list of 'The Canonical List Of ..' lists [TXT] xbetter2 1993-03-02 13:35 8.8K The Canonical lists of Why x is better than y... [TXT] neverdie 1993-07-04 12:26 8.9K The Canonical list of Old * never die [TXT] beer.gam 1991-06-27 13:23 9.0K Assorted beer games [TXT] geekgirl.htm 1997-12-13 23:29 9.5K Geek Girl artikel 1996 van de digitale stad, Marie-José Klaver [TXT] sheep 1993-08-02 08:21 10K The canonical list of sheep jokes [TXT] modmuitl 1992-12-20 10:56 10K Uitleg over modem termen [TXT] bloopers.txt 1993-02-16 13:09 10K World history according to students [TXT] sixtymin 1992-10-07 15:33 11K ARPAnet stories [TXT] radshack 1994-07-21 19:47 11K Radio Shack vs. Sysop case [TXT] lightbul.jok 1991-06-28 14:47 11K The Canonical dictionary of lightbulb jokes (Nov 1988) [TXT] borg 1993-07-17 10:46 11K I am your sysop of Borg. Prepare to be assimilated... NO CARRIER [TXT] munfalls.bbs 1993-03-29 10:04 12K Yet another incorrect BBS bust (Akron Anolomy BBS) [TXT] caffeine 1993-10-13 21:03 13K Comparative research of caffeine providors for programmers [TXT] crudjoke 1993-03-02 13:29 13K Crude jokes list [TXT] admin.txt 1993-02-16 13:09 14K Know your unix system administrator-- a field guide [TXT] pickup 1993-07-11 14:28 14K The Canonical list of more or less succesfull pickup lines [TXT] intinfo 1992-11-26 21:19 14K Beginners info on what the internet is [TXT] fulldeck 1993-07-06 04:03 14K The Canonical list of fulldeckisms [TXT] startrk1 1993-03-02 12:00 14K [TXT] cprogann 1992-11-26 18:55 17K The C programmer commandments [TXT] college.sla 1991-06-27 13:23 19K Words used on America's finest institutes [TXT] cleanhum 1992-12-19 19:54 23K Collection of clean humour [TXT] acadprog 1993-11-14 12:29 24K Academic programmers spotters guide [TXT] CLINTON.TXT 1993-02-22 16:56 26K Canonical collection of Clinton Jokes (remember, do not inhale!) [TXT] lightbul.lis 1991-06-28 14:47 29K The Canonical dictionary of lightbulb jokes (Jun 1990) [TXT] gif 1995-01-05 21:55 33K Collected information about the GIF license fee imposed by CompuServe/Unisys [TXT] goodtime.faq 1994-10-05 10:25 33K The "Good Times" virus FAQ [TXT] compcrim 1993-07-15 22:11 34K De nieuwe wetgeving computer criminaliteit [TXT] lightblb 1993-07-15 20:00 37K The Canonical dictionary of lightbulb jokes (Jul 1993) [TXT] zippythepinheadcookie.txt 1991-06-27 13:24 40K cookie.zippy / Zippy the pinhead quotes [TXT] crypto.inl 1994-07-21 19:47 42K Inleiding cryptografie [TXT] answer 1993-07-06 04:03 48K The Canonical list of Answering machine messages (say it with a beep) [TXT] elephant 1993-07-04 12:27 48K The Canonical list of elephant jokes [TXT] asciiart 1993-03-02 11:51 48K Large file of assorted ascii art [TXT] stvwrght 1993-07-06 04:03 49K The Canonical list of Steven Wright jokes [TXT] 1994-05-29 10:34 51K Teksten krantenartikelen over wetsvoorstel cryptografie en de tekst van het wetsvoorstel zelf [TXT] errors 1993-02-01 20:17 51K The Canonical List of Error Messages [TXT] bofh 1992-06-29 06:01 54K the Bastard Operator From Hell [TXT] mitnick 1995-02-25 15:04 57K Newsreports on the Kevin Mitnick case [TXT] doit 1993-07-04 12:25 58K The Canonical List of 'Do It' Lines [TXT] blondes 2014-11-03 15:04 85K The latest collection of blondes jokes [TXT] jargon.txt 1992-10-07 16:31 85K The Jargon file, from 1982 [TXT] electrop 1992-12-03 10:15 113K Thesis on the social effects of irc chatting [TXT] comsongs.txt 1991-12-15 13:16 132K Computer songs [TXT] ykwybhtl 1994-11-13 12:27 158K The Canonical List of "You Know When You've Been Hacking Too Long" [TXT] computer.hum 1990-12-26 17:11 179K Assorted funny computer folklore stories [TXT] asp.out 1991-10-23 10:22 187K Andalusian video snails... play to 9600 bd terminal [TXT] COWS 1993-05-10 16:04 201K The complete guide to cows! Allerlei koeien op grappige manieren! [TXT] cows 1993-03-15 08:27 205K The More-Then-Complete Guide to Silly Cows (inc. history, future, references) [TXT] compsong 1993-03-02 13:29 221K Long list of computer songs and poems [TXT] dummyguide 1993-09-13 07:24 353K The big dummy's guide to the internet (ASCII), a lot of information on E-mail, Usenet, ftp and other fun stuff with the internet
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